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[Excerpt] The present document, forming a “Guide” to the ILO’s up-to-date approach to social security policy development, has been compiled largely from the materials and deliberations of the Tripartite Meeting of Experts. It includes, essentially, the contents of the background paper prepared for the meeting, together with the Chairperson’s summary as formulated at the closing of the meeting. It has two major parts:

● Part I sets out the development of a paradigm for the extension of social protection on the basis of an analysis of existing needs, existing old and new coverage patterns and the internationally recognized right to social security.

● Part II provides the evidence and information base for the policy considerations in Part I.

Four Annexes are included. The first of these sets out the Chairperson’s Summary of the Proceedings of the Tripartite Meeting of Experts. Annex II lists the participants in that meeting. Annex III comprises a brief note to clarify as far as possible the technical terminology used in this document, particularly in Part I.