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Key Points:

  • Cambodia is endowed with an ample supply of labor, but the labor force is characterized by low levels of education and skills. As technological change and competitiveness increase, there is a growing demand for an adaptable workforce with both cognitive and noncognitive skills.

  • The government has an important role in ensuring access to basic education and technical and vocational training to a qualification and standard that supports entry into the workforce, but partnership with industry in workforce development is even more essential in responding to the changing demands of technology in the workplace.

  • Countries are exploring different partnership models toward ensuring actual training is funded and driven by industry. Experiences also show that industry is a reluctant partner at the outset, and that piloting a skills development scheme to build credibility and confidence among partners, especially industry, is important before a full-fledged skills development fund can be established.


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Asian Development Bank (2018). Toward adopting a skills development fund for Cambodia (ADB Brief No. 90). Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Asian Development Bank.

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