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Key Points:

  • Cambodia’s demographic divident offers great opportunities, but its human resource base remains largely low-skilled. It will be critical for Cambodia not only to improve education and technical and vocational training for young people entering the labor market, but also to upgrade the skills of the existing workforce.

  • Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is indispensable to socioeconomic development as it produces the skilled workers and technicians an evolving and modernizing labor market needs.

  • The National TVET Policy will guide the government’s skills development strategies and coordinate all parties involved.

  • The policy presents a clear vision, goals, objectives, and strategies to develop human resources with the competencies and skills that promote socioeconomic development today and in the future.


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Asian Development Bank. (2018). Cambodia’s new technical and vocational education and training policy (ADB Brief No. 89). Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Author.

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