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[Excerpt] This report is part of a long-running series of similar reviews, published by Eurofound since the late 1990s. It aims to summarise the most recent working life developments –particularly in terms of industrial relations and working conditions – at EU level and in the EU Member States and Norway. It focuses on those areas of working life that may have been shaped by EU-level policies. The report starts with three contextual chapters summarising the developments likely to have had an influence on working life debates and policies at national level.

  1. economic and labour market developments

  2. policy developments at EU level related to working life

  3. political developments.

A core contribution of this report is its condensed summary of social dialogue developments in 2016 within the EU28 and Norway, in Chapter 4. Two further thematic chapters: Chapter 6 – ‘Pay inequalities: Evidence, debate and policies’ and Chapter 7 – ‘Promoting work–life balance of working parents and caregivers’ provide more in-depth updates on recent debates at national level and on new policies within the EU.

While the review covers primarily 2016, updates on major developments that have occurred during the process of writing have been included. The topical chapters on pay inequalities and on promoting work–life balance also look back over the previous two to three years, to give the reader a more comprehensive picture of recent developments.

This review is based on contributions from more than 50 contributors from Eurofound’s Network of Europeand correspondents. They are research experts in the area of industrial relations and working conditions and provide regular updates on major working life developments in their countries to EurWORK, Eurofound’s European observatory of Working Life. The national contributions to this report were based a questionnaire and are available as working papers.


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European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. (2017). Developments in working life in Europe: EurWORK annual review 2016. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.