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  • Skills and education are immediate concerns because the imperatives of economic diversification and moving up the value chain will require higher levels of education and more and different skills.

  • The “demographic dividend” has created a proportionately very large working-age cohort, the majority of whom are in school, implying that the educational system will have to be up to par to produce a labor force that is able to support a modernized economy for decades to come.

  • Linkages between employers and most technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions are limited, leading to little responsiveness of TVET to job market demands.

  • TVET could be an important element of Bangladesh’s future economic development and could be made a central focus of its education system prepare for rapid industrialization.


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Asian Development Bank. (2016). Skills development in Bangladesh (ADB Brief No. 67). Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Author.

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