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[Excerpt] This 2016 report is the first report to specifically assess the social protection systems of Pacific island countries. It builds on the 2013 Asian Development Bank (ADB) report, The Social Protection Index: Assessing Results for Asia and the Pacific, which included an assessment of nine Pacific island countries within a survey of the wider Asia and Pacific region.

This report focuses on 13 Pacific island countries and is based on data from 2012.1 A companion publication—The Social Protection Indicator for Asia—covers 25 countries in Asia. The term used in the 2013 report—“social protection index”—has been changed to “social protection indicator,” but retains the SPI abbreviation. The name change was instituted to reflect that the SPI is technically a single indicator, not a composite index.


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Asian Development Bank. (2016). The Social Protection Indicator: Assessing results for the Pacific. Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Author.

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