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[Excerpt] The report first presents an overview of the economic and political situation in 2013 across the EU, including Norway. This is followed by a description of the major developments in industrial relations and working conditions at EU level. These first two chapters are intended to serve as contextual information leading to a better understanding and interpretion of public discussions and political debates, policies and initiatives, collective bargaining and agreements and legislative developments in the Member States and Norway. The next seven chapters are thematic and cover the following topics:

  • national-level developments in the organisation and role of social
  • pay and wage-setting;
  • working time;
  • health and safety at work;
  • conditions of employment, such as security, contractual arrangements, job mobility and transition, and gender equality and discrimination;
  • entry into and exit from employment;
  • skills development.

The report closes with a summary of the report’s main findings and an outlook on potential developments in the Member States and Norway in 2014.


Suggested Citation
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. (2015). Industrial relations and working conditions developments in Europe 2013. Dublin: Author.