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While restructuring and structural change are increasingly acknowledged as inherent characteristics of economic development and receive much policy attention at European and Member State level, the topic is rarely discussed from a regional perspective. However, most large-scale restructurings have effects on the regions and employment areas in which they take place. Specific information on the effects of restructuring at regional level and approaches to tackle its potential consequences for the local economy, labour market and society is scarce.

This report aims to help close the knowledge gap. Based on secondary data analysis, a literature review and five in-depth case studies, it identifies and discusses the effects of large-scale restructuring outside the firm undergoing restructuring. It also seeks to illustrate success stories of positive regional management directed towards maintaining and improving labour markets following an important restructuring event.


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European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. (2014). Effects of restructuring at regional level and approaches to dealing with the consequences. Luxembourg: Author.