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This report on gender equality in the labor market in Cambodia is drawn from studies by a team of consultants selected by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for a technical assistance project on promoting gender equality in Asian labor markets for inclusive growth, implemented in cooperation with the International Labour Office, Bangkok. The report comprises a gendered analysis of Cambodia’s labor market, policies, and legislation and provides recommendations for policies and legislation that have the potential to expand or improve employment and work opportunities for women in specific sectors in Cambodia. The report provides a summary of findings and recommendations that are specifically relevant for Cambodia from an analysis of gender equality and the labor markets in Cambodia, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines, and two global good practice reviews: one on social and economic policy and the other on legislation (ADB 2013a; ADB and ILO 2013a; ADB and ILO 2013b).


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Asian Development Bank. (2013). Gender equality in the labor market in Cambodia. Manila: Author.

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