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[Excerpt] Kellogg Spain, a subsidiary of the multinational with the same name, started activity over 30 years ago. Currently the company has around 130 employees who are responsible for the market in the Iberia region (Spain and Portugal). The company also has a factory in Spain employing around 270 people, but the focus for this case study is on the commercial organisation. Worldwide the company employs around 30,000 people; its products are manufactured in 18 countries and marketed in more than 180 countries.

This case study considers some HR practices that are global at Kellogg and common across many other countries, but it pays special attention to specific practices that the company has adopted in recent years in Spain. These practices are innovative and in some cases courageous, in terms of the effort required from the company to put them into reality.


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Ortigão, M. (2013). Work organisation and innovation - Case study: Kellogg, Spain. Dublin: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.