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{Excerpt} The failure of researchers to link evidence to policy and practice produces evidence that no one uses, impedes innovation, and leads to mediocre or even detrimental development policies. To help improve the definition, design, and implementation of policy research, researchers should adopt a strategic outcome-oriented approach.

In the development sector, research in science, technologies, and ideas can make a difference if they identify what tools, methods, and approaches no longer work; test new ways of doing things; and link knowledgeof that in ways that inform policy and practice. Research, the systematic effort to increase the stock of knowledge, has innumerable applications. For this reason, educational institutions, governments, and philanthropic organizations—the three major purveyors of money—spend billions of dollars on research every year. A propos developing countries, where utilitarian science policy is favored, proponents contend persuasively that it can help save lives, reduce poverty, and improve the quality of human existence.


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Pellini, A and Serrat, O. (2010). Enriching policy with research. Washington, DC: Asian Development Bank.

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