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{Excerpt} It is a given that organizational change affects people. It is people, not processesor technology, who embrace or not a situation and carry out or neglect corresponding actions. People will help build what they create.

Change, that is, the act, process, or result of changing, is the norm. Change alone is unchanging: it works through the co-evolving dimensions of economy, environment, polity, society, and technology to make up systems of mutual sustainability or (inopposition) mutual vulnerability. (Since all dimensions are connected, none can change by itself.) On account of that, individually or in groups, we all experience change in our daily professional, personal, social, and civic occupations: change is the law of life. (If anything, the rate of change looks as if it is accelerating. But who are we to speak? Neolithic man probably thought the same.)


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Serrat, O. (2010). Forestalling change fatigue. Washington, DC: Asian Development Bank.

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