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{Excerpt} On 31 July 2009, President Kuroda then approved Enhancing Knowledge Management under Strategy 2020: Plan of Action for 2009–20111 to advance the knowledge management agenda under Strategy 2020: The Long-Term Strategic Framework of the Asian Development Bank (2008–2020). Four pillars support the plan of action: (i) sharpening the knowledge focus in ADB’s operations—to add value at regional, country, and project levels, (ii) empowering the communities of practice—to collaborate for knowledge generation and sharing, (iii) strengthening external knowledge partnerships—to align and leverage external knowledge, and (iv) further enhancing staff learning and skills development—to enhance opportunities for staff to learn. The four pillars are closely related: the set of actions/outputs that make up the first focuses on adding value to ADB’s operations in its developing member countries; the other three sets deal with how that might be achieved.


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Serrat, O. (2010). Crafting a knowledge management results framework. Washington, DC: Asian Development Bank.

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