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[Excerpt] In 2010, the National Employment Law Project found that nearly $1 billion was stolen from low-wage workers every year in New York City alone. Despite the strongest laws on the books, all evidence indicates that rampant wage theft continues in our state.

  • Wage theft harms taxpayers across the state: employers who fail to pay minimum wage or overtime are also notorious for failing to pay taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, or unemployment insurance.
  • Law-abiding employers cannot compete when the competitor down the street is undercutting them by stealing workers’ wages.
  • When we fail to make wage and hour protections REAL by enforcing the laws on the books, we are SUBSIDIZING bottom-feeder employers. Responsible employers deserve a fair playing field.


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Make the Road New York. End wage theft - Stop the billion dollar swindle: The case for real enforcement of New York State’s wage & hour laws. Brooklyn, NY: Author.

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