When Does Money Make Money More Important? Survey and Experimental Evidence
Sanford E. DeVoe, Jeffrey Pfeffer, and Byron Y. Lee


Monopsony Power, Pay Structure, and Training
Samuel Muehlemann, Paul Ryan, and Stefan C. Wolter


The Diffusion of Pay for Performance across Occupations
Alberto Bayo-Moriones, Jose Enrique Galdon-Sanchez, and Sara Martinez-de-Morentin


Going Abroad: HR Policies, National IR Systems, and Union Activity in Foreign Subsidiaries of U.S. Multinationals
John J. Lawler, Po-Chien Chang, Woonki Hong, Shyh-Jer Chen, Pei-Chuan Wu, and Johngseok Bae


Is Part-Time Employment Beneficial for Firm Productivity?
Annemarie Künn-Nelen, Andries De Grip, and Didier Fouarge

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