Pay Incentives and Truck Driver Safety: A Case Study
Daniel A. Rodríguez, Felipe Targa, and Michael H. Belzer


Risk Compensation for Hospital Workers: Evidence from Relative Wages of Janitors
Keith A. Bender, Hosne A. Mridha, and James Peoples


Vietnamese Manicurists: Are Immigrants Displacing Natives or Finding New Nails to Polish?
Maya N. Federman, David E. Harrington, and Kathy J. Krynski

Book Reviews


Framed! Labor and the Corporate Media
Christopher R. Martin


Fighting for a Living Wage
Stephanie Luce


The Political Economy of Education: Implications for Growth and Inequality
Mark Gradstein, Moshe Justman, and Volker Meier


The Future of Work in Europe
Paul Littlewood, Ignace Glorieux, and Ingrid Jönsson


American Labor: A Documentary History
Melvyn Dubofsky and Joseph A. McCartin