A Meta-Analysis of Government-Sponsored Training Programs
David H. Greenberg, Charles Michalopoulos, and Philip K. Robins


Unions, Work-Related Training, and Wages: Evidence for British Men
Alison L. Booth, Marco Francesconi, and Gylfi Zoega


The Role of Temporary Agency Employment in Tight Labor Markets
Susan N. Houseman, Arne L. Kalleberg, and George A. Erickcek


The Value of Bilingualism in the U.S. Labor Market
Richard Fry and B Lindsay Lowell

Book Reviews


The Roaring Nineties: Can Full Employment Be Sustained?
Alan B. Krueger and Robert Solow


Strategy and Human Resource Management
Peter Boxall and John Purcell


Immigration and American Unionism
Vernon M. Briggs Jr.