8. The 1980s

Publication Date

January 1996


From the Introduction, “The Changes at ILR that began in the seventies slipped imperceptibly into the eighties, and those that may have originated at that time have, for better or worse, left their mark on the present decade. In other words, dividing history into decades is not a particularly precise way of delineating times. Clearly, there was much gaiety preceding and following the Gay Nineties, as there were certainly many roars heard before and after the Roaring Twenties. Moreover, since the speed of change in academia runs at such a leisurely pace, it is virtually impossible to say exactly when an idea found its way into formal practice. Includes: Introduction; A Dean’s View, 1980-85; Deaning, 1985-88; Robert Risley; and An Advisory Council Perspective.


Suggested Citation
Gruenfeld Goldberg, E. (Ed)., McKersie, R., Miller, J. Gormly, Aronson, R., & Julian, R. (Compilers). (1996). The ILR School at Fifty: Voices of the Faculty, Alumni & Friends (pp. 113-125). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. http://digitalcommons.ilr.cornell.edu/ilratfifty/9/