Publication Date

January 1996


The formal establishment of the New York State School of Industrial and Labor relations grew out of the thoughtful and vigorous action of a unique group of practical politicians who firmly believed, as they stated in their first report, that “Though we may legislate to the end of time, there will never be industrial peace and harmony without good faith, integrity, a high degree of responsibility, and a real desire to cooperate on the part of all parties concerned.”


Suggested Citation
Miller, J. Gormly, O’Brien, E., & Konvitz, M. (1986). Establishment of the School. Gruenfeld Goldberg, E. (Ed). McKersie, R., Miller, J. Gormly, Aronson, R., & Julian, R. (Compilers). The ILR School at Fifty: Voices of the Faculty, Alumni & Friends (pp. 9-15). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.