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The MNC Roundtable explored the business case for hiring people with disabilities and identified and discussed ways to overcome barriers that prevented disabl

The MNC Roundtable had two major objectives:
· To start a dialogue among stakeholders in the region, including multinational corporations, on how to stimulate the hiring of people with disabilities from the business case perspective; and,
· To identify needs and action steps, regionally and nationally, that would
contribute to the training and hiring of workers with disabilities.

The expected outcomes included:
· Improved networking among stakeholders in the region;
· Increased awareness among multinational companies about the business case for hiring disabled workers and the good practices of some companies;
· Development of at least one or more partnerships that improve the training or hiring of people with disabilities at the national level;
· Identification of good practice examples; and
· Consensus about several action steps that the stakeholders and meeting
organizers can take to move the business case agenda forward in the region.