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Since this guide was first published in 1999 for use by policy-makers and
managers in the Asian and Pacific Region, the role of placement services
in assisting people with disabilities to enter the labour market has been
the focus of increasing global attention.

Measures to strengthen employment placement services for persons with
disabilities must be set in a solid policy framework and if necessary, backed
by legislation. A clear operational strategy should also be designed to
guide implementation. In addition, the employment service needs to form
linkages with other government ministries and agencies at a policy level,
to ensure that obstacles which disabled people may face are minimized,
and that the skills which they offer are relevant to labour market

This edition complements the ILO publication “Assisting Disabled Persons
in Finding Employment - A Practical Guide” intended for placement and
vocational guidance personnel.

To increase its relevance to countries in different regions, the guide has
been customized to reflect the legislative and policy frameworks in place
in different parts of the world. The original publication from which the current
version has been drawn was developed for use in Asia and was prepared
by Barbara Murray, Senior Specialist in Vocational Rehabilitation, and
Robert Heron, former Senior Labour Administration Specialist. The ILO is
pleased to publish this Caribbean edition, which was customized with the
assistance of Dr. Marva Ribeiro and participants at an ILO Workshop
organized by the ILO Subregional Office for the Caribbean in November


Caribbean Edition

There is Asian edition, Latin American Edition, etc.