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This resource manual contains information to assist businesses and organizations that want to benefit from the business case for recruiting, hiring and retaining people with disabilities as employees. It presents a collection of resources and examples of good practice. It aims to help employers in this region learn more about workers with disabilities and the business case for hiring them.

Many employers who want to hire disabled workers have expressed difficulty in finding disability information and sources of disabled job seekers tailored to their needs. While the situation and resources vary in the different countries of Asia and the Pacific, this guide can help. It lists organizations and sources of information to help employers who value a diverse workforce that includes disabled persons.

EmployAbility includes the following information:

l Information on how to access publications covering the area of employment and disability, many of which are available free and are accessible online;

l A list of web sites that are specific to employer needs or that provide general disability information;

l Examples of corporate sector policies and good practices related to employment of people with disabilities;

l A list of national organizations or government offices that provide direct assistance to employers who want to find disabled job seekers;

l Other items such as checklists and fact sheets that provide immediate and brief information.