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[Excerpt] Training for Success: A Guide for Peer Trainers is a guide to help villagers, like you, teach others to operate a business like the one you operate. It was developed as part of the ILO project Alleviating Poverty through Peer Training (APPT). The project was designed to reduce poverty among people with disabilities in Cambodia by using village-based peer trainers to teach others. The purpose of this guide is to teach you, a possible peer trainer, how to teach others to replicate your business! The APPT project helped more than 950 people, mostly with disabilities, start businesses over a fi ve-year period. More than 200 peer trainers were involved. Many of the peer trainers also had disabilities. And, since the project paid special attention to women, most of the trainers and trainees were women, some with disabilities, some without. This guide was developed to help train peer trainers and is based on years of ILO experience. It was field-tested as part of a series of workshops for peer trainers conducted by the APPT project in the provinces of Siem Reap, Kompong Thom and Pursat in 2007. Training for Success: A Guide for Peer Trainers will be used by people like yourself who are already peer trainers or who want to start training others. Ideally, it should be used as part of a workshop that teaches you how to be a peer trainer.