Publication Date

January 2003


[From Introduction] The project "Developing Entrepreneurship among Women with Disabilities in Ethiopia" aims to develop an effective strategy to enhance entrepreneurship among women with disabilities and women with disabled dependents. The women participating in the project will receive training in business skills, vocational skills and marketing techniques, and be supported in identifying a business idea and turning it into a micro enterprise. Training will be provided to women who wish to start up a business or develop an existing one by Ethiopian micro-enterprise development trainers who will also help the women develop viable business plans. Access to vocational skills training will be provided for those women who request it, and arrangements made for access to credit, ongoing business advisory services, and marketing support. Women participating in the project will include women who have a disability themselves, women with war disabled husbands, and women with disabled dependants.

This summary includes excerpts from two companion publications: Doing Business in Addis Ababa, and Doing Business in Tigray: Case Studies of Women Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Ethiopia, also compiled during the preparatory phase of the project. Along with the accompanying photographs, these serve as illustrations of the survey findings. They have been translated directly from the women’s own words (in Amharic or Tigrinya)and are a vivid testimony of their situation.