Publication Date

March 2004


[From Introduction] The country study for Seychelles is part of the ILO project 'Employment of People with Disabilities – the Impact of Legislation', funded by the Government of Ireland, which aims to enhance the capacity of national governments in selected countries of East Africa and Asia to implement effective legislation concerning the employment of people with disabilities. Starting with a systematic examination of laws in place to promote employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities in the selected countries of each region,1 the project sets out to examine the operation of such legislation, identify the implementation mechanisms in place and suggest improvements. Technical assistance is provided to selected national governments in implementing necessary improvements.

This country study outlines the main provisions of the laws in place in Seychelles concerning the employment of people with disabilities. An initial review of the implementation of the legislation is also provided, based on a survey of documentary sources and feedback from delegates from the Seychelles to a Technical Consultation held in Addis Ababa, 20-22 May 2002. It may be read in conjunction with the regional overview for this Consultation Employment of People with Disabilities - The Impact of Legislation (East Africa), Technical Consultation Report, Addis Ababa, 20-22 May 2002, ILO 2002.

Employment of People with Disabilities: The Impact of Legislation (East Africa)
Prepared by the ILO InFocus Programme on Skills, Knowledge and Employability in the framework of a project funded by Development Cooperation Ireland (DCI).