Publication Date

January 2005


What is Universal Access-NY? Universal Access-NY is a complete online planning toolkit,, where a One-Stop Delivery System can assess its practices, and develop work plans to improve physical and programmatic accessibility for all One-Stop customers. This web site and manual was developed by Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute, through the support and guidance of the New York State Department of Labor, with funding from two U.S. Department of Labor Work Incentive Grants (WIG 1 and 2). This web site was designed for use in a collaborative manner, bringing together One-Stop personnel, agency partners, business leaders and customers with disabilities. Universal Access-NY supports continuous improvement, with features that encourage multiple uses and incremental systems change.


Brewer, D.B. (2005). Universal Access NY User's Guide. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations Extension, Employment and Disability Institute.

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