Publication Date

January 1994


The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 holds promise for expanded employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Critical to the realization of this potel1tial is the education of those who facilitate entry into the work force, specifically managers, human resource professionals, and others who may impact successful work force participation such as labor union representatives and employee assistance professionals. This article focuses on the role of rehabilitation education and training in providing expanded information to these populations key to the integration of persons with disabilities into the work force. Information is provided on these target audiences regarding their role and function, how these professionals currently receive both pre-service and post-service training, and the implications for ADA training. The role of rehabilitati0n education and training in contributing toward a process of expanding awareness of the ADA to these target audiences is explored; a list of print resources on the ADA employment provisions for use in courses and presentations is provided.


Bruyère, S., (1994), The ADA and training for employment-related professionals: Implications for rehabilitation education. Rehabilitation Education. 8(1) 79-88.

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