Publication Date

June 2005


The 1997 Workforce Investment Act reformed the national workforce development system and created One Stop Employment Centers in each state. As part of this reform, state vocational rehabilitation agencies and other employment services are brought together to serve individuals with employment training and support needs, including individuals with disabilities. This brief describes a successful partnership between a Social Security Administration-funded Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach (BPAO) project and a One Stop agency in Western Massachusetts. The collaboration has resulted in mutual benefit for the agencies and for the One Stop recipients.


Malloy, M. J., Petkauskos, K., & O’Shea, T. (2005, June). Promising Practices: BPA&O Collaboration with One-Stop Centers, Part I. Co-location of One Stop and BPA&O Services: Resource Partnership (Massachusetts) (Work Incentive Support Center). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.

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