Publication Date

January 2002


This paper characterizes the complex set of programs that may affect the transition from school to work for a youth with a disability. Given the emphasis on accountability for outcomes in the recent IDEA legislation, it will be increasingly important for both researchers and policy makers to understand the interaction of school and non-school programs on the economic decisions of youth with disabilities. Unfortunately, there are relatively limited existing resources to examine these program overlaps. We propose that government agencies consider various options to improve in this area by adding information on special education participation to major surveys efforts; developing existing administrative databases that include information on programs that serve youth with disabilities; and using qualitative methods to examine how the strategies in adult-based programs interact with those used by youth while they were in-school.


Wittenburg, D., Golden, T., & Fishman, M. (2004). Transition Options for Youth with Disabilities An Overview of the Programs and Policies that Affect the Transition from School. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 17, 195-206. IOS Press.

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