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This survey is part of a larger project entitled “Initial Impact of Section 503 Rules: Identifying Effective Employer Practices and Trends in Disability Violations among Federal Contractors” funded by the US Department of Labor, Chief Evaluation Office. The overall goal of this proposed project is to understand the initial impact of these regulations on employer practices and consequently on the employment environment for individuals with disabilities. The purpose of the survey summarized in this report is to build an understanding of contractor disability inclusive policy/practice in initially responding to Section 503 regulations. The survey is titled: What Works? How Federal Contractors Are Implementing Section 503, and is referred to as Section 503 Survey in this report.


Suggested Citation
von Schrader, S., & Bruyère, S. M. (2018). Executive summary: What works? How federal contractors are implementing Section 503. Ithaca, NY: Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability.