Publication Date

Fall 9-2013


Employer practices and policies can have important implications for the hiring and retention of employees with disabilities. The employment rate for individuals with disabilities is less than half that of their non-disabled peers,[i] which makes it vital that we gain a better understanding of the potential barriers to employment that they face, as well as the employer policies and practices that can improve opportunities for them.

In the fall of 2011, Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute collaborated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on a survey of SHRM’s private employer membership. SHRM is the world’s largest association devoted to HR management, with over quarter of a million members worldwide, of whom 125,000 are U.S private employer members. The survey was designed to assess human resource (HR) professionals’ perceptions of barriers to the employment of individuals with disabilities as well as to measure the level of implementation of disability inclusive practices and policies in their workplaces.

In total, 675 SHRM human resource members responded to the survey, a response rate of 23%. This brief summarizes the results and presents implications for employers.

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