Publication Date

April 2005


Making Community Connections. Module 3 deepens the learning participants acquired in the previous core trainings by advancing the concepts of community beyond the typical surface approach to making community connections. Participants learn and apply methods of Asset-Based Community Development to the drafting of a preliminary transition plan that integrates the development of a positive profile with the identification of potential community roles that are the respected and valued contributions of citizens. Strategies for teaching participants how to identify critical planning partners to expand the network for effective transition services completes this module in the series.


Blessing, C., & Golden, T. (2005, April). Inmate to Citizen: Using Person-Centered Practices to Facilitate the Successful Re-entry of Inmates with Special Needs into Community Membership Roles. Core Training Series Module III. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations Extension, Employment and Disability Institute.

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