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This policy-to-practice brief provides an in-depth illustrated description of the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) work incentives. This brief reviews how the PASS can be used to promote a work goal; the criteria for approving a PASS; and how the PASS can be used in conjunction with other programs to promote and achieve vocational success. Throughout the brief, examples are used to illustrate principles and provide an example in the appendices to show how to propose a PASS that meets all of SSA’s criteria for approval. Extensive citations to law, regulation, and policy appear in footnotes to maximize the usefulness of this publication to benefits planners who are engaged in writing PASS proposals for individuals.


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Sheldon, J. & Lopez-Soto, E. (2009). The Medicaid buy-in for working people with disabilities: Individuals with disabilities can earn significant wages and qualify for this important health care benefit (NY Makes Work Pay Policy to Practice Brief #2). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, Employment and Disability Institute.

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