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The purpose of this article is to examine and discuss factors within the workplace that may affect the ability of individuals with disabilities to access and retain employment. The analysis is based on findings from a Cornell University study of human resource professionals in both the private and federal sectors (Bruyère, 2000b). Part I provides an overview of the study, selected key findings about remaining barriers, and implications for needed future workplace interventions based on the survey responses. Part II reviews selected literature addressing the workplace issues identified in the study. Part III examines some of the concepts and possible solutions regarding workplace discrimination and responses to the accommodation needs of applicants and workers with disabilities. In the conclusion, we discuss where further research is needed to address remaining employment inequities for people with disabilities.


Bruyère , S., Erickson, W., & Ferrentino, J. (2003) Identity and disability in the workplace. William and Mary Law Review44(3), 1173-1196.

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