Publication Date

May 2006


This Just the Facts Series addresses a new administrative process for initial disability claims. The Social Security Administration has finalized new rules that will dramatically alter the administrative appeal and review process used when a claimant files an application for SSI on the basis of disability or blindness and/or Title II disability claims. The reconsideration and Appeals Council steps in the existing appeals process have been eliminated, new evidence admission criteria have been established and a “quick decision” process has been created to expedite those claims that will clearly meet SSA’s disability definition. The new process is known as the Disability Service Improvement (DSI) process.


Cebula, R. (2006, May). New Administrative Process for Initial Disability Claims (Work Incentives Support Center: Just the Facts - Regulations and Tips for BPA&O and PABSS Staff). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.

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