Publication Date

March 2006


The Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach (BPA&O) program has been developed by SSA to provide accurate, current, individualized benefits and work incentives information to people with disabilities. Benefits and work incentives counseling services allow individuals with disabilities to make informed choices and can contribute to their ability to self-advocate around issues of employment. There are currently 113 BPA&O projects covering beneficiaries in every state plus Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands. The BPA&O programs are operated by state vocational rehabilitation agencies, private non-profit and private for-profit corporations, and 38 are operated by Centers for Independent Living. This promising practice brief outlines the unique characteristics of two BPA&O projects operated by IL Centers in two New England states: The Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL), and New Hampshire’s Granite State Independent Living (GSIL).

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