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The purpose of this article is to awaken the reader to the possibilities which exist when working on Person-Centered Planning and the individual with intellectual disabilities, specifically, Down syndrome. Although Person-Centered Planning has been in existence for more than two decades, it is viewed in a new way through the experiences documented in this article by individuals, and the use of a new format which includes photography, the computer, and a guide for what questions to ask and how to ask them. The central question of what caregivers can do once the Person-Centered Plan is enacted is posed as well. The Person-Centered Plan is seen as not disability-specific, but a capacity building process in which the personnel involved are key to linking the individual to the community in order for dreams and personal goals to be realized.


Westgate, R.J., & Blessing, C. (2005). The power of person-centered planning. TEACHING Exceptional Children Plus, 2(2) Article 2. Reproduced here with permission of the authors. Teaching Exceptional Children Plus is an open access journal.

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