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January 1997


This is an exceedingly comprehensive text on a wide variety of subjects related to process of employment preparation, job development, career and workplace issues for persons with disabilities, and the professionals who assist them in these areas. It is laid out as a 12-chapter edited volume with contributions made by 29 individuals with a variety of expertise, who also offer diversity in terms of geographic location and type of employment including research centers, educational institutions, and private consulting operations. The topics highlighted in the chapters include such areas as psychosocial and economic aspects of work; selected legislation that relates to career counseling and job placement for persons with disabilities; career development theories, constructs, and research; issues in vocational assessment and disability; accommodation in the workplace; occupational and labor market information and analysis; career development interventions; a business perspective on job development; job-search and employer-negotiation strategies; supported employment; career counseling; and job-placement theory and practice. Each of the chapters, in most cases written by multiple authors, .provides an extensive review of the literature on a particular area of focus, an excellent synthesis of theory, and an effort at practical application of the theory to career counseling, job development, and job placement for persons with disabilities. An author index and a subject index are included.


Bruyère, S. (1997) Work and Disability: Issues and strategies in career development and job placement. Rehabilitation Education, 11(1&2), 141-143

Originally published as: Bruyère, S. (1997). A review of work and disability: Issues and strategies in career development and job placement. Rehabilitation Education, 11(1 & 2), 141-143.

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