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This is the first of two white papers reflective of the work of nine separate demonstration sites interested in integrating person-centered practices into the design and delivery of transition services for high school youth who have developmental disabilities. The reader is provided with an overview of the project and a description of the four universal criteria that each site agreed to adhere to as they designed program approaches that were uniquely tailored to their specific demographics. After a look at the transition policy current to 2001, the paper reveals early project findings regarding the strengths and gaps for person-centered transition planning as culled from project reports. A discussion of where person-centered planning “fits” within the transition process is placed in the context of three primary core components that should be reflected in all transition service programs and a model for infusing person-centered planning is offered. Finally, recommendations for implementing or furthering these practices are introduced along with the contact information for each of the participating demonstration sites.


Blessing, C. (2002). Infusing a Person Centered Approach Into Transition Planning For Students with Developmental Disabilities. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations Extension, Employment and Disability Institute.

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