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[Excerpt] The DXC Technology Dandelion Employment Program is currently in its 4th year. An important research question addressed as part of this program was:

  • What is the impact of the program on participants' health and well-being?

The current report details findings from our ongoing longitudinal research program. We examined change in participants' health and well-being, reporting here on findings following the first year of employment across multiple sites.

This is the first longitudinal study to date that has closely examined the impact of supported employment on employees who are on the autism spectrum. Our findings reiterate the importance of appropriate and meaningful workplace supports in ensuring the sustainability of the program. We continue to chart outcomes beyond the first year, to determine whether findings reported here are consistent over the longer term. This information will be the subject of a subsequent report, as data becomes available across sites.


Suggested Citation
Hedley, D., Spoor, J., Bury, S., & Dissanayake, C. (2018). The Dandelion Employment Program: Longitudinal findings. Sydney, Australia: La Trobe University.