Publication Date

May 2003


[Summary] The foreign labor certification program in the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible for ensuring that foreign workers do not displace or adversely affect working conditions of U.S. workers. DOL handles the labor certifications for permanent employment-based immigrants, temporary agricultural workers, and temporary nonagricultural workers as well as the simpler process of labor attestations for temporary professional workers. This report is organized into five sections: a brief history of employment-based immigration; a summary of the role of the DOL in employment based immigration; an overview of current law on employment-based immigration; an analysis of trends in employment-based admissions and labor certification applications (LCAs); and a discussion of the recent funding history for labor certification.


Suggested Citation
Wasem, R. (2003). Labor Certification for Permanent Immigrant Admissions (RS21520). Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service.