Publication Date

April 2006


[From Summary] A variety of benefits may be available to unemployed workers to provide them with income support during a spell of unemployment. When eligible workers lose their jobs, the Unemployment Compensation (UC) program may provide income support through the payment of UC benefits. Certain groups of workers who lose their jobs on account of international competition may qualify for additional or supplemental income support through Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) programs. UC benefits may be extended at the state level by the Extended Benefit (EB) program if certain economic situations within the state exist. As of this writing, the EB program is not currently triggered "on" in any state. The EB program for Louisiana triggered "off" on February 25, 2006. Unemployed Louisiana workers who exhausted their regular UC benefits before February 25, 2006, were eligible for 13 weeks of EB; unemployed Louisiana workers who exhausted their regular UC benefits after February 25, 2006, were not eligible for the EB program. During some economic recessions, Congress has created a federal Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation (TEUC) program. These programs generally have extend UC benefits for an additional 13 weeks and have an expiration date. As of this writing, no TEUC program exists and these benefits are not available.


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Whittaker, J. M. (2006). Unemployment insurance: Available unemployment benefits and legislative activity (RL33362). Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service.