Gabriela Steier

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[Excerpt] Setting working mothers free from the gridlock of inflexible “all-or-nothing” workplaces[1] can unleash the tremendous potential of female leadership qualities and create win-win[2] situations for both employers and employees. When human resources managers create such win-win situations, they can boost efficiency, productivity, profitability, and ultimately increase their company’s bottom line. The key to this strategy consists of attracting and maintaining female talent in the market by implementing mother-friendlier time management. This article analyses the business case for women in terms of gender-balanced leadership, and evaluates flex-time block-schedules as a corporate management strategy to achieve the goals of boosting the bottom line through increased flex-time schedules.


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Steier, G. (2013, August 30). Thinking win-win: Boosting profitability through gender-balanced flex-time. Cornell HR Review. Retrieved [insert date] from Cornell University, ILR School site: