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[Excerpt] The ideas and uses for Artificial Intelligence (AI) are abundant, and each business is seemingly ripe for disruption, including HR. As the hype surrounding AI continues to be championed by popular press, we began our research in order to determine whether the press’ biased view that AI was here and ready to implement was accurate. We found that in reality, AI programs were far behind the progress discussed, as the software was slower, more expensive, and there was a general lack of amalgamation throughout the industry. From there, we asked CAHRS partners to tell us where AI was used in their company, and how it helped them deliver HR differently. Our research focused on how AI technology will disrupt, change, or bolster the HR function, specifically in Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development (L&D) spaces.

We found our CAHRS partners dove into AI, and represented three key points along a spectrum of AI implementation. Of the 59 participants at 32 companies, 26% are Observers, 48% are Explorers, and 26% are Implementers. Observers were companies that did not believe AI fits with their strategy, and therefore do not intend to implement AI right now. Explorers are companies that have begun to actively explore AI through industry research, vendor exploration, and piloting AI and machine learning (ML) technologies. Implementers are companies that have either built in house or worked with an external vendor to implement an AI or machine learning technology. The CAHRS partners represented such a wide range along this spectrum because there are no best practices for AI implementation. However, each of our partners that leveraged AI understood the tool, while also understanding their business needs, people, and technology, which allowed them to utilize AI technology.


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Lee, H., Lee, S., & Tarpey, M. (2018). CAHRS partners' implementation of artificial intelligence (CAHRS White Paper). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, ILR School, Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies.