Kent Gardner

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Health, Poverty, Income Inequality


This report provides a comprehensive assessment of lead poisoning data for community stakeholders, decision makers, and funders. The assessment was advised by the WNY Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning and informed by key staff from the City of Buffalo Department of Permits and Inspections and Corporation Counsel, the Erie County Department of Health, and interviews conducted with officials, tenants, landlords, homeowners, nonprofit staff, community leaders, and other stakeholders in Erie County. The report is intended to develop a common understanding of the landscape for lead exposure and make strategic recommendations leading to a high impact, collaborative community strategy to eliminate lead poisoning in Buffalo and Erie County. For the first time, City housing data and County health data have been joined for a clear picture of the location and type of housing most likely to poison our children. The focus of this plan is primary prevention, addressing the sources of lead hazards before children can be exposed. This report recounts the history and consequences of lead poisoning, articulates major findings and produces a series of recommendations and calls to action for stakeholders across the region.