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Criminal Justice


This policy brief was drafted by Andrea Ó Súilleabháin, Deputy Director at Partnership for the Public Good. It recommends that the Buffalo Police Department expand its community policing efforts through culture change and incentives, a diversified police force, increased training, improved transparency and oversight, more restorative justice and diversion programs, and the use of crime prevention through environmental design. The brief is based on “Collaboration, Communication, and CommunityBuilding: A New Model of Policing for 21st Century Buffalo,” a 2016 PPG report prepared by Sam Magavern, Steve Peraza, Kerry Battenfield, Caryn Blair, Erin Carman, Stephen Hart, Tina Meyers, and Sarah Wooton. It also draws on Open Buffalo’s Community Policing Survey data, collected from 2,018 residents of Buffalo in spring 2016. The research and strategies it sets out inform PPG’s work with Open Buffalo’s Justice and Opportunity Coalition. This table of community groups and individuals seeks an improved relationship between police and community, based on respect, trust, confidence, oversight, and mutual benefit.