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At one time, bidding was centralized in the City of Buffalo (Buffalo). The centralized bidding was organized under the Department of Urban Renewal. Interview with James Comerford and Paul Mielcarek of the City of Buffalo Department of Economic Development Permit and Inspection Services (April 17, 2008). In the late 60s and early 70s the city moved to the current model which was based on the Chicago style of municipal bidding. The Chicago model broke out the bidding process and had each department run bidding on its own. The rationale behind this separation of the bidding process was that many of the projects being bid out were very particular and required the individuals who were deciding the bid awards to have a discrete knowledge of what it was that was being bid on. Also, the centralized bidding was seen by Chicago, and later by Buffalo, as disorganized and difficult to manage from one office. The decentralized model was seen as simplifying the process by separating out the bidding processes throughout the various departments.