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Poverty/Income Inequality


"An investigation of potential environmental stakeholder participation in the Good Food Purchasing Program. The objective of this report is to investigate the GFPP’s value of environmental sustainability, to assess if this value is compatible with those of Buffalo’s environmental stakeholders, and to consider if these local organizations would be supportive of bringing the GFPP to Buffalo. In doing so, this report examines the characteristics and goals of local environmental stakeholders, and compares them to the successes that the GFPP has experienced elsewhere. Of particular importance to Buffalo’s environmental stakeholders is climate justice, water quality, and regenerative economies. All of these values correspond with the GFPP’s socio-environmental accomplishments, such as decreased greenhouse gas emissions and water resulting from reduced animal product consumption, increased local purchasing, and improved working conditions. However, these victories were not achieved without overcoming numerous barriers, such as policy regulation, financial constraints, and logistical limits. "