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Poverty/Income Inequality, Economic Development


Like all nonprofits, arts and culture organizations are not immune to the inevitable shifts in fiscal health due to trends in the region’s economy and in charitable giving. In recent years, however, the shifts have turned sharply downward due to budget crises for one of the industry’s most important supporters – local government. With cherished arts and cultural assets in Erie and Niagara Counties struggling to make ends meet, the region is suddenly forced to confront a series of provocative questions. With increasingly limited resources, how can the region sustain an industry integral to Buffalo Niagara’s economy and quality of life? Can the region fill this gap while providing a higher degree of funding predictability? If not, how will it be determined which organizations are left to falter? If so, whose responsibility is it to bridge the fiscal chasm – the public sector, the private sector, the cultural institutions themselves, or all of the above?