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The following presents findings of an economic impact assessment of the University at Buffalo conducted by the UB Regional Institute at the request of the UB Office of External Affairs. This analysis updates and expands upon a 2007 economic impact study of the university (see The Difference a University Makes: An Impact Analysis of the University at Buffalo, August 2007, available at The assessment captures the economic impacts UB leverages in the region – the City of Buffalo and Erie and Niagara Counties specifically – and New York State more broadly. Findings reflect university expenditures from fiscal year 2006‐07 (the 2007 report assessed impacts for fiscal year 2005‐06). The following also projects UB’s local and statewide impact for 2023‐2024, the anticipated timeframe for full implementation of UB’s strategic plan for growth. Supporting charts for these analyses are also provided in the Appendix.